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Swedish Massage – Therapeutic Massage – Sports Massage – Deep Tissue Massage – Erotic MassageĀ  and evryting you need in the comfort of your own villa or yacht

It is an esthetic and health center under the management of Ana and Jon a lovely couple with over 20 years experience 
at Lekeitio (Vizcaya).

Individually and with home care services offered traditional advanced esthetic and manual therapy.
But also are revolutionizing the industry by offering a new range of Premium Services, which include treatments Detox
for debugging and body balance,the treatments proionicos maderoterapia and regenerations
miraculous in esthetics and in cases of muscle injuries or other needs 

Treatment with Lymph Clean Allowed:
The expulsion of toxins, free radicals and impurities of the lymphatic system.
The ph balance of the whole body.
Loading the body with negative ions that provide great health benefits.
Unclogging systems of the human body and its organs.
Health Benefits: recommendations
Poor blood circulation, varicose veins
Laspiernas fatigue and foot pain High blood cholesterol and triglycerides Improvement of the liver, stomach, intestines, kidneys, bladder
Decrease Diabetes
Improves quality of sleep and insomnia
Help us improve the diseases caused by excess uric acid: gout, uric arthritis, acute renal failure and / or chronic, kidney stones
Stress, depression, anxiety. Psoriasis.
Eczema, acne.
Persons with pacemakers People with epileptic pregnant women problems

The application is pleasant, relaxing and comforting, providing at all times a feeling of well being and visible results from the first session.
We have relied on the Regenerator Propionic because it is a method with high efficiency in aesthetic treatments and injuries.
Cutting-edge technology.
Obtaining long-term results that until now could only be achieved with surgical techniques.
Regenerative RF PROIONIC is a safe method that achieves hydrate, oxygenate, revitalize and regenerate the cells of our body from the inside, favoring the formation of elastin and collagen to revitalize and rejuvenate every cell of the treated area.
Remodeled buttocks, stomach and breasts. Deep cellulite reduction.
Accelerates healing Reduction of pain

The results are 100% positive and visible, achieving a reducing effect from the first session.

A therapy that originated in the East and has been perfected in Colombia.
Woodwinds uses different sizes and shapes, anatomically designed to fit the body and stimulate the different layers of tissue.
Firms, tones and shapes.
Stimulates lymphatic circulation, revitalizes and reactivates the nervous system.
Improves the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin.
Improves muscle tone, flattens the stomach and reduces constipation.
Balances the energy centers, improves breathing, relaxing deeply.

Osteopathy Sports Injuries Stretching Kinesiotapint
Facial and body treatments with cosmetic niche. Letter scrubs. Makeup.
Pedicures and Manicures exclusive. Waxing

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