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Hiring a bodyguard in Ibiza can make all the difference for you and your family. Ibiza has always been considered a sun, sea and nightlife city that offers plenty for tourists and locals alike. The local culture and cuisine only add to the allure Ibiza offers. Because this city is so boisterous, a lot of dangers go unnoticed, and anyone could be a target without a bodyguard in Ibiza. Fortunately, a bodyguard in Ibiza who has been hired through Vip Models Ibiza can be the factor that ensures your time in Ibiza is spent fully enjoying your surroundings. With Vip Models Ibiza, your safety is guaranteed.

Very few people can resist the lure of the breathtaking beauty of Ibiza, but a well trained bodyguard in Ibiza won’t be swayed.  Regardless of the reason for hiring a bodyguard, Ibiza statistics show that only the best can make it there. Why is the best bodyguard in Ibiza found and contracted through Vip Models Ibiza? Because we train our people to be the best and we strive to beat the competition.

 Vip Models Ibiza  has the best in the business ready to work and protect you. No other body guard Ibiza can offer will be as good as those hired out by Vip Models Ibiza and here are a few reasons why.

·         A bodyguard in Ibiza trained by us will know what to do about any black tie event.

·         A bodyguard in Ibiza will have to have a plan in place for every situation.

·         For every bodyguard, Vip Models Ibiza will present certain problems, but ours are prepared for them all.

Not every bodyguard Ibiza tourists or residents have contracted offer a guarantee – but we do!

Our unwavering dedication to the wellbeing of you and your family will ensure you feel confident in our abilities to keep you safe.



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