Vip Models Ibiza

Cala Boix Beach


Location: 10 minutes drive fro

m San Carlos
Facilities: Loungers, parasols, showers, restaurants, bar
Activities: Relaxation!
Size: 100 metres long, 8-10 metres wide

Cala Boix is an interesting beach due to the dark, almost grey, firm sand that isn’t found anywhere else on Ibiza. The setting is very picturesque; enclosed by high cliffs. However this means it’s a steep decent down concrete steps, past the only beach cafe bar, to reach the sand. So it could prove difficult for those with mobility problems.

Facilities: Cala Boix is a very popular place to eat for the locals as the 3 restaurants gathered around the parking area are all famed for their fish dishes. If you want lunch with a view choose the restaurant perched on the clifftop over looking the beach – stunning!

Beach toilets are at the back of the wooden beach bar on the steps.

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