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Ibiza’s second superclub on the San Antonio waterfront


San Antonio has been long been the starting point for clubbers in the early stages of their soon-to-be Ibiza addiction and Eden caters to these new and experienced clubbers alike. Eden has previously been home to high profile events like Pete Tong, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen and more. Back in the 1990s Eden was a notorious venue called the Star Club, which eventually morphed into Kaos before finally becoming Eden in the winter of 1999. It has had numerous improvements made since then.

Appropriating the symbol of the competition directly across – Es Paradis’s apple – it was a signal of their intent to raise the stakes of the San Antonio clubbing scene. The close proximity has also helped keep both clubs on their toes, as little more than a few metres separates their front entrance, which are directly opposite each other.

Since its refurbishment Eden has really made a mark on the San Antonio nightlife scene, it’s curved and cavernous interior designed as a modern interpretation of the Garden of Eden. Certainly we’ve seen more than the odd clubber blissing out on the dance floor.

Famous for: its succesful remodelling and big new bookings, a history of trance.

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